Beers On Tap At Carolina Beach

Check out what’s on tap at our Carolina Beach location!

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ESB- Green Man Brewing

Pilsner – Compass Rose

Hoptimus – White Street Brewing.

El Hefe – Clouds Brewing

Upcide Down – Bull City Ciderworks

Teach’s Peaches – Edward Teach Brewing Co.

Not an IPA – Appalachian Mountain Brewing

Be Like Mike- Carolina Brewing Co.

Punch Me in the Haze – Waterman’s Brewing

Strawberries and Cream – Bombshell Brewing

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Due to the fact that we do go through kegs so quickly, we cannot guarantee that a keg on the webpage will be on tap after your trip to the store! There is always the chance that it could kick on your way here, but we promise to put another great North Carolina beer on that is a similar style to the one that kicked. The Veggie Wagon staff does its best to always keep this list updated 100% of the time!