Anyone feeling Italian???

Written on March 23rd, 2013 by april. Filed under Blog

As many of you all know, The Veggie Wagon has started making our own Sausage and we have now made a Spicy Italian Pork Sausage(Snog in our world for all of you faithful blog followers). It is well balanced with a blend of Italian herbs, Garlic, Spicy Goodness and Love! It is available at The Veggie Wagon in Carolina Beach, NC. Our new Spicy Italian Sausage offers a spicy, multi-layered building heat that would be phenomenal grilled for sandwiches or subs, simmered in your favorite pasta sauce, or simply snacked on as an appetizer! If you land on Pleasure Island, NC or are in Wilmington, NC – feel free to stop in The Veggie Wagon on South Lake Park Blvd(just South of The Lake in Carolina Beach), and scoop some up! We are open from 9am-8pm Monday through Sunday!

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