Beers on Tap for Warmer Months Ahead!

Written on March 18th, 2019 by Manager. Filed under Blog

It’s warming up around these parts, Veggie Wagon family! The weather is getting nicer, the days are getting longer, and the beers are getting lighter! Did you know that we’ve always got North Carolina beer and cider on tap at BOTH of our stores? That’s right! At both Veggie Wagon locations– Carolina Beach and Masonboro– we have North Carolina craft beer from the finest NC breweries on tap! From breweries right here in Wilmington to all the way out in Asheville and Boone, we carry some amazing craft beer and cider! We rotate our taps as our kegs kick, so we’ve always got something new to try! We sell our beer on tap to go in pints, quarts, and growlers; so, whether you want a glass for yourself or a growler to share or last you a few days, we’ve got just the thing!

Since our taps are always rotating, we have pages dedicated to what’s on tap on our website! Check out the links below to get there!

Happy Spring, and happy craft beer drinking!

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