Bringing an Island Taste to Pleasure Island

Written on April 9th, 2010 by admin. Filed under Blog, Thoughts from the Wagon....

How many of you love Jamaican Jerk Seasonings but don’t like all the heat that can sometimes come with the seasonings used in jerk sauces and marinades? I definitely fall into this category, because my husband LOVES hot stuff (the hotter the better), but me not so much (less is best)! However, here at The Wagon we have solved this problem, and have found Pluto’s Certified Organic Jamaican Seasonings locally in North Carolina. The Wagon is very excited to be carrying both Pluto’s Jerk Marinades and Sauces in both a mild and a hot! Pluto’s sauces and marinades are certified organic and all natural products that are not only easy on the taste buds but good for the body too!

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