Our Charcuterie Boards and Meat and Cheese Trays are Perfect for Your Fall Get-togethers!

Written on October 15th, 2018 by Manager. Filed under Blog

Fall is the season of gathering for a reason; while it might not mean the same thing as it did all those years ago, we do still gather during autumn! We gather together, with friends and family, to celebrate cool weather, good times, and good company! With all the excitement that fall brings, it becomes a very busy season very quickly! But don’t worry– The Veggie Wagon is here to help! We’ve got just the thing to bring to your fall get-togethers and gatherings. Our charcuterie boards and meat and cheese platters are PERFECT for an easy, classy, and delicious appetizer!

We’ve got three different trays: our spicy charcuterie board, a mild charcuterie board, and our NEW salami and Havarti board.

Our salami and Havarti board is just as it sounds– uncured salami wrapped around delicious Havarti cheese. These meat rolls are perfect for hors d’oeuvres, a snack, or even a meal accompaniment! They’re minimally processed, all natural, and certified scrumptious!

Our charcuterie boards are just as wonderful– they feature local Heritage Farms cured meat and Boar’s Head cheeses. When it comes to meat locally, no one does it better than Heritage Farms. We’re honored to work with them and are proud to feature their meats in our charcuterie boards! We have a mild and a spicy version of our charcuterie boards. Both are perfect to pair with crackers, breads, or just munch on by themselves!

So next time you’ve got a party to host or you’ve signed up to bring the appetizer at someone else’s shindig, don’t sweat it! We here at The Veggie Wagon have got you covered!

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