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Are you tired of trying to pull off a healthy dinner every night of the week? Have you checked out The Veggie Wagon’s new Dinner Club program? So many of The Veggie Wagon’s customers have asked for prepared dinners, so we have meticulously put together a weekly pizza and salad Dinner Club. All pizzas and salads are made in- house, from scratch and topped with the fresh and local ingredients(as much as possible). Our weekly pizzas and salads will rotate from week to week. The Veggie Wagon’s customers can pick 1-3 items of anything each week, so 3 salads, 3 pizzas or any pizza and salad combination, or just pick a single salad or a pizza. Orders must be placed either on the website or in person at the store by 10AM on Tuesday for Wednesday pick-up. Pick- ups are Wednesday from 12pm-7pm.  When ordering on the website and you do not want all 3 items, you must select NONE on the options for two and three to get the correct pricing. The ordering link can also be found on the right hand side, at the bottom, under “Shop the Farm”. The Veggie Wagon is located in on Pleasure Island, just South of The Lake in Carolina Beach, on the right hand side. We are open Monday- Saturday from 9am-7pm and Sunday 9am-6pm. (off season hours)

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