More than Veggies– New Products at The Veggie Wagon!

Written on February 25th, 2019 by Manager. Filed under Blog

We’re always looking to expand our horizons here at The Wagon! That’s why we’ve recently started getting in some super cool new non-food products! From oyster knives to new candles and everything in between, we’ve got a little bit of everything!  We’ve got amazing French-imported oyster, pocket, and trekking knives from Opinel! These tools are really amazing for specific uses or just the every day! They make a great gift for the outdoors-man (or woman!) in your life.

We’ve also got some new soaps and candles from Coastal Tides, a soapmaker and chm right here in Wilmington! We’ve got three of their amazing candle scents, two of their incredible soaps, and their super cool Beach Bum shave bar! Not to mention, we’ve got some killer soaps from Carolina Soap Market as well, all of which are made up in Raleigh and are crafted with local NC beers in mind! To go along with those crazy soaps, we have the Torched candles, themed after your favorite beers, and ReWined candles out of Charleston, SC, that not only smell amazing, but also recycle with every candle made!

But we’ve got more than soaps and candles for y’all! We’ve event got some to-die-for, GORGEOUS bath bombs from Mountain to Sea, an amazing skincare company out of Asheville, NC! Not only are these bath bombs stunning to look at, they make for the most relaxing evening ever! Combine them with a lovely candle, and you’re all set! We’ve even got some essential oils from family-run company, Plant Therapy! They’re the perfect way to unwind after a tough day.

We’re always expanding and funding fun, new things to put in our stores, so make sure to come by and check out what we’ve got!

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