Our Very Own Ginger Sage Snog!

Written on March 8th, 2013 by april. Filed under Blog, Thoughts from the Wagon....

The Veggie Wagon has started making our own Ginger Sage Sausage- we kindly refer to it as “snog”. Our Ginger Sage Sausage is the leanest pork sausage I have ever had because it is made using 100% pork shoulder. This eliminates all of the traditional “additives”, if you will allow, that are found in most sausages. The Veggie Wagon’s Ginger Sage Sausage is a great compliment to your morning breakfast, pasta sauce, queso dips, sandwiches and subs. Our sausage is delicious grilled, sauteed, and pan seared and then simmered in your favorite sauce. If you saute the sausage, we recommend you add a bit of olive oil to your pan to keep it from burning, due to the low fat content. The Ginger Sage Sausage can only be found at our store, which is located in Carolina Beach, NC. Your biggest decision now will be are you going to go spicy or mild! Next time you are on Pleasure Island, NC -stop by The Veggie Wagon. We are located at 608 South Lake Park¬†¬† Blvd. (Just South of The Lake in Carolina Beach)

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