Thanks for Jumping on the Wagon

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Tell us what you think about our store at 608 B SOUTH LAKE BLVD in CAROLINA BEACH.

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  1. Hey guys…thanks for letting me help out at the stand on Saturday…I had a great time. Was very cool to help connect local farmers with Pleasure Island people…look forward to the weeks ahead. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for having everything at the CB Famers Market! I enjoyed meeting you guys. I love the fresh NC honey and veggie I got this morning. See u guys around!


  3. We loved the radishes we got from yall at the CB farmers market! Just saw you had honey…..we’ll be picking that up next week! Gracias!

  4. Hi,
    Love your site! Attractive, smooth & flowing. I hear I could get out of town postal delivery from you to VA Beach. That’s wonderful! I’m a big cheese fan, I look forward to “Ashe County Cheese’s & the Goat Lady Dairy” cheeses. Still making cheese after 200 years, I’ll need to see why!
    Anyway, much luck to the birth of “The Veggie Wagon” looking good!
    the best,
    Jc ,, VA Beach.

  5. Loved my out of state delivery! There is nothing like this in the Tidewater area. Great packaging. Everything arrived in good shape and I dove right in! You ever sent reusable ice packs! How cool is that?


  6. We made our pizza from your dough today! It made a great grilled pizza. Thank you for all your help. I’ll be coming back for more! :)

  7. I love your spice mixes and rubs. Whats this I hear about pickeling spices and when will it be on the Veggie Wagon Site? I have massive amounts of cukes coming in and would love to try this pickle spice mixture you have. Still loving the cheeses and pickled okra. It’s the bomb!

  8. I love having you here on the island at the farmers market. Love your cheese! I send everyone to you for it.
    Since I own an Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar store you can see why your products are my favorite. I use your produce and cheese for many of my recipes that I share in my store.

  9. My mom just gave me some of your seasoning salt. We used it on some chicken, and it was delicious. I am looking forward to trying in on other dishes. Thanks

  10. Looking forward to my first basket this week. From reading all the posts, I don’t think I will be disappointed.

  11. I just wanted to say that you sell the BEST cinnamon raisin bread ever! I look forward to seeing you guys at the Carolina Beach Farmers Market!

  12. Great Site – we support and encourage farmers in New Hanover County by offering sustainable garden sites.
    You are offering a great service of marketing and distribution – allowing the farmers to focus on growing and expanding production.
    Please contact me to discuss how we can grow together.

  13. Have you tried the fresh mozzrella cheese? It is a real treat, you will surely enjoy!

  14. Chased down the SVU with the veggie logo and talked to the guy at the light! I have been looking for something like this as Raleigh has been into this for some time! I am excited to have beautiful fresh food to eat again!!

  15. Lovin my Jack and Dill Cheese! A new life for my Grilled Cheese Sandwiches!

  16. I purchased the Blueberry Peanut Butter Granola this past weekend and it was amazing.. it didnt last long because the husband and kids liked it too, I cant wait to get more

  17. I LOVE your veggies and I’m so thankful that you have a permanent place so close to my house! Nothing that I’ve purchased has ever left me disappointed. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my many questions at the Farmer’s Market. I also politely “stalked” your basket of goodies at the Touch of Class Silent Auction that you guys donated because I couldn’t wait to try the items in it. I won it and am thoroughly loving the cookies and the granola that I’m eating right now. The pomegranate dark chocolate granola is great because you have sweet mixed into it! I had to put the bag down so I wouldn’t eat it all in one day! Keep up the good work!

  18. Max and April,
    You are two of the most enthusiastic retailers I know and it’s contagious! Bicyclers and other sporting types need to know to stop in for a cool beverage and snack to recharge before they finish their workout. Why not–it’s on the way…
    PS Best Tomatoes Ever and patty pan squash!

  19. all I can say is AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH had a great tomato sandwich today

  20. You guys are doing an awesome job. We had our first BLT of the summer on Monday with tomatoes from your stand and they were so good. Loving the Veggie Wagon goat cheese, too! :-)

  21. I love the jackson coffee cream it would even make maxwell house coffee tast good sorry maxwell coffee lovers I have much love for ya

  22. We love the veggie wagon. Your homemade cookies are outrageous. The fresh veggies right here in CB not just on Saturdays but everyday is a dream come true. We are so glad you have made the commitment to be here for the residents and tourists alike.

  23. How nice is it to have such fresh local veggies,breads,seafood, and meats etc.It is awesome!Plus my husband can walk next door and get all the fishing gear that he would need on the boat or beach and info on where the fish are.What more could you want—a bottle of wine they have that too.thanks Debbie

  24. The Veggie Wagon is my new love. So many wonderful veggies & fruits & dips & wines. I am proud to announce my hot pepper plant is thriving right on my condo balcony!

  25. It is fantastic to have this at CB- we’re looking forward to many visits!

  26. excited to check this all out!!!

  27. I have lived in Carolina Beach only a few months your shop was one of my first discoveries. The store reminds me of having lived in Europe. Food shopping is a daily or several times per week thing, the store owners know the regulars by name and they carry a select group of fresh/local/organic/natural foods. You buy what they have and make your menus around that. No huge W-M stores to waste what seems like hours wandering around just trying to find those special items for the days meals. Food/meals should be an experience, an enjoyment of our senses and your shop helps to fulfill that requirement in my life. Thank you.

  28. I was riding my bike to Fort Fisher State Park and noticed this new business. I dropped in to see if they had any potted basil and the lady was so very helpful to me. A great idea and thanks for bringing it to Carolina Beach!

  29. I love the fresh vegetables and products I get here weekly! Always fun to ride up on my bike to see what’s new. Love the expansion!

  30. I love the fresh vegetables and products I get weekly! I love riding my bike up to see what is new. Love the new expansion!

  31. I’ll be in Carolina Beach tomorrow, I can’t wait to see what you have!!!

  32. amazing addition to kure beach! I absolutely love the fresh milk, cookie-dough-to-go, NC-made cheeses and crackers (the gouda was SO creamy) & local veggies. my family has had a second home here for almost 30 years and never had anything so ‘cool’ at the beach ;)

  33. Max and April,

    Happy Summer from me, and Blackbird! Hope you two are well!

    Coming down to OBX at the end of this week, and might be in the market for some goats milk. Didn’t see it on the site, but thought you may have a connection?

    Wishing you both well, looking forward to my next visit to town, and possibly a stop at the Fat Pelican!?


  34. I stopped by the Farmers Market this morning at Carolina Beach, The lady was so nice and helpful. Everything I purchased was Delicious! On my way home, I saw your store and stopped in, I purchased smoked Gouda Pimento cheese, it’s Wonderful!!!!!!!

  35. Love the Veggie Wagon. My husband and I stop there every time we take the trip to KB (several times per year). Love the granola bars, they are delicious! I am getting ready to see if I can order some online and have them delivered to me because I am craving them now!

  36. Finally, I no longer have to bring my beer to the beach. Thanks for the excellent selection and I really appreciate that you are supporting local breweries.
    Well done!

  37. I appreciate you being there!!! Will stop in almost weekly – love buying local. Thanks.

  38. Stumbled upon your website while on my computer planning our vacation at Carolina Beach in July. It was nice to know that you have local produce available near our condo rental & that on your site listed daily specials for the surrounding restaurants. Thank you for a wonderful source. Look forward to stopping by when there.

  39. Stopped in to your store with my grand daughter last weekend. She purchased mint ice cream and raved about it. I am building a home in the area and I will be a regular at your store. I may even do the delivery to save time. Love the fact that you are there and that we are shopping local. Made my day to find you on the side of the road.

  40. We love the store, food and wine selection! The wine tasting is wonderful and the salsa is fantastic! We like the local and fresh items that are available.

  41. The family is headed to Carolina Beach for the week, and I was disappointed when my Google search for Farmers Market showed one only open on Saturday before we arrive. I was delighted to find The Veggie Wagon within walking distance from our rental. I’ll defiinitely be visiting to get fresh foods for the family while we’re on vacation. Thanks so much!

  42. Hi, Guys–
    Love, LOVE your place! We live in Calabash, N.C., but when we visit friends for a couple of days up your way, we ALWAYS make a stop!! So-oo many choices, and ALWAYS pleased!! Coming up this weekend, staying at Atlantic Towers, and will definitely be visiting. Need some dip, and hubby is bringing his growler, lol!! See you soon!!

    Deb K.

  43. Thanks so much for supporting us!! We are looking forward to seeing you all this weekend. Safe Travels!

  44. OMG! I LOVE the cookie ice cream sandwiches. I don’t come here often but keep up the good work!

  45. Love the growlers and all the fresh options. The rustic set up is awesome , love supporting local business

  46. My favorite place to visit on the island. Great selection of produce, dips, and beers. The kids love the ice cream sandwich bar too!

  47. love love love that the veggie wagon is in my neighborhood! you bring quality and the standards i expect close to me. on my way there right now to pick up wine and cheese to make my dinner better tonight! thanks!!! jamie

  48. looking forward to checking out your place; first visit to Carolina Beach! Can’t wait to taste your fine fare!

  49. We visit the Veggie Wagon every time we come down to the beach, sometimes more than once…a day. It has something for everyone! My sister in law and I fought over who would get the last loaf of chocolate chip bread. I won!! ;) (I shared)

  50. I thought your store was really cute, it offers a wide variety of items and I love seeing the sign out front that announces the deal of the day. Ya’ll have amazing crab tip that is a must whenever we have company over.

  51. Just spent the weekend at Kure Beach… our home away from home. Veggie Wagon is our go to place for morning coffee, snacks and local goodies. We visit at least once daily. Only thing is we wish you were open earlier, so I could enjoy my mocha with the sunrise!

    Thanks for your commitment to real local goodness!

    Leigh Anne, Rich and Ellie

  52. God what a great idea! I wish my hometown had a Veggie Wagon! Makes my little vegetarian heart happy :D

  53. Visited a couple of summers ago and will be back in a couple of weeks. Really looking forward to it. Love the fresh and healthy choices, variety, coffees, etc. Can hardly wait!! It’s at the top of my list!

  54. This place is so cool! The people are super friendly and lots of good fresh salads, fruit, veggies, and lots of gluten free options even beer and cider on tap!!! This is my favorite place ever!!!! Love the coffee and slushed and gluten free ice cream sandwiches. See y’all in July :)

  55. I was excited about the veggie wagon the moment I saw the signs. Nothing is better than fresh produce. Thanks!

  56. Fresh veggies are so much better, love what you guys are doing!

  57. While staying here in Carolina Beach, I walked in for some coffee, expected to see nothing but vegetarian fare. I was surprised by the variety of stuff in your store, and by the great coffee! I’ve come back for coffe again and some tomatoes. It’s a great place to be able to walk to for some groceries.

  58. We love the Veggie Wagon! So glad we discovered it last year on our annual beach trip. It is now a must stop every morning with our dogs for coffee and treats!

  59. Hi Heather-
    Thanks so much for stopping in to see us! We really appreciate the support. We will see you next trip. We can also ship items to you that are non-perishable if you find yourself needing a Veggie Wagon fix. Thanks again and I hope you have a fantastic day!


  60. Today, I stopped by Veggie Wagon @ Carolina Beach and included in my purchase was the memorable Veggie Wagon Clam Dip.It is absolutely the BEST thing to happen to my Gluten Free crackers! !! And with anything else. For an even more memorable experience, pair it with a glass of their “Butter” Chardonnay!

  61. Hi Linda-
    Thanks so much for stopping in to see us! We are so glad you enjoyed shopping with us and your stay. Please come and see us next time you find yourself in the Wilmington area. Thank you again and have a great day!


  62. My wife and I are from Cape May Court House, New Jersey and have 2 sons that live in the area and since both were recently married we purchased a single family home in Kure Beach to see them and future grandchildren. (Our one son and his wife just had a son on 1/18/2020), consequently, we were in town for an extended period of time. My wife stumbled upon the Veggie Wagon and told me and I can say it is my favorite store I visit when in Kure Beach. The fact I took the time to post this speaks volumes because I never post anything like this before today. I even bought a long sleeve tee last year. Go Veggie Wagon

  63. Thank you for your feedback. We do accept EBT at our Carolina Beach location. Everyone has struggled at one point or another in their lives. We have always believed that everyone is entitled to good food no matter what your situation may be, which is why we accept EBT about our island location. We have quite a few customers that frequently shop with us using EBT. Stop in an see us next time you are in our area. I hope you have a nice week.

  64. Hi-
    Thank you for taking the time to submit a review. Congratulations on your recent home purchase in Kure Beach! You all will love it here, it is really special place to be. I still feel the love after 15 years of being here. Congratulations on the first grandchild:) If you find yourself needing another long sleeve to get you through the cold Jersey Winters, shoot me an email and I can ship one out to you. My email address is Keep in touch with us and we hope to see you soon! I hope you have a fantastic week! Thank you again for taking the time to write a review.

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