The Veggie Wagon Launches VEGGIEWAGONMEALS.COM

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The Veggie Wagon wants to help the community we all work and live in by donating meals to the Federal Point Help Center. Hunger doesn’t discriminate nor have seasons; through our meals program, we are hoping we will be able to alleviate some of the food shortage within our community. Using our specialized production capabilities and team members we feel this is the best use of our abilities and resources during this time. For every 1 casserole you purchase on VEGGIEWAGONMEALS.COM will will donate 1 to the Help Center.

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  1. Hi. I want to order casseroles! But I don’t see how to do this on your website. Can you please tell me how? Do you deliver the casseroles? I love your program of donating one for every one that I buy. I just would like to know what kinds you have, how many they serve, the price, and if you deliver and I’m ready to go! Please let me know.


  2. What a wonderful idea. Thank you for caring about all of our community.

  3. What kind of casseroles do you offer?

  4. Hi Noreen-
    Please visit to see this week’s options. Our casseroles will rotate every couple of weeks.


  5. Hi Amanda-
    Thank you for the email. Please visit to see what is available this week for casseroles. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. My email is


  6. Hello-This site is unavailable right now because this is not something we are doing currently. We will be using this site again at some point but not sure when that will be. I hope this finds you well.


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