Tomato 411- Heirloom or Not?

Written on June 22nd, 2014 by april. Filed under Blog, Thoughts from the Wagon....

Which is better is a matter of personal opinion. Heirlooms are grown from old seed varietals, hence the name, and are much more expensive than you traditional red slicing tomatoes. Heirlooms are naturally a much denser tomato, extremely delicate skins, ugly to some, beautiful to others, incredible in flavor and most importantly- low in acid. They should NEVER be squeezed because they will bruise and they are supposed to be soft. Regular red slicers should be firmer when ripe. If you pick up a soft red slicer, it will most likely be mushy inside. The skins are a bit more chewy, but these tomatoes are quite delicious too!

The Veggie Wagon hopes this has made your tomato picking easier. When you are in Carolina Beach, stop in a check out our locally grown tomatoes for yourself. We carry heirlooms and red slicers regularly. Sometime due the popularity of heirloom tomatoes we may not have any or it could be between growing seasons too.

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