Which Goat is your Favorite?

Written on July 9th, 2014 by april. Filed under Blog, Thoughts from the Wagon....

Goat cheese is not for everyone- you either like it or you don’t. The Veggie Wagon, in Carolina Beach, NC offers a lot of different styles of goat cheese. We use a NC farm for our goat cheese base, located a few hours from Wilmington, NC and they do an incredible job!  We then work our Veggie Wagon magic in house, just South of Wilmington, NC, on Pleasure Island! A perfect food pairing with our wide selection of Rose wines are these  summer lines of spreadable goat cheeses!  Our first creation is our Honey Pecan goat cheese. This one is made using local honey and is  on the sweeter side. Delicious on a toasted baguette or a great dip for fresh veggies, this one is especially great for people just trying goat cheese. Our second one is our Honey Habanero goat cheese. This one is made using our handmade Honey Habanero Hot Sauce and is spicy, but not over the top. The goat cheese mellows out the honey habanero hot sauce a bit.  This one is delicious on just about anything, including paired with a big, bold Red Zinfadel, such as Rusina Zinfandel! Our latest creations is our Herbs de Provence goat cheese. There is not much else to say except this one just leaves me wanting more!! It is incredible on just about anything, so far hot Veggie Wagon Sourdough Bread, organic peppers and carrots are my favorite.

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