Why Kale????

Written on May 21st, 2010 by april. Filed under Blog, Thoughts from the Wagon....

Since starting The Veggie Wagon and weekly CSA basket deliveries, I have found myself becoming increasingly intrigued by Kale. It is this leafy, hardy, semi-stiff vegetable that has up until recently been non-existent and somewhat confusing in my repertoire of vegetables. I have also been taking a mental poll of people every Saturday at the Carolina Beach Farmer’s Market who are familiar with kale and those who are like me perplexed by it. In my research, I have discovered that the baby boomers from North Carolina love kale and have all different recipes on how to cook kale. My generation, Generation X (I think), has absolutely no idea what to do with kale. I am definitely seeing a pattern here! We have tried numerous recipes with kale as well as just eating it raw and much to my surprise it has always been delicious!! Since kale pairs well with almost any vegetable, my favorite is to substitute it as lettuce in a salad. It puts a different spin on a traditional salad by adding a sweet earthy flavor to any meal. Look on TheVeggieWagon.com for our Radish and Kale Dip- sure to please for any occasion!

Who knew that some vegetables actually liked frost and became sweeter the longer they spent with the frost. Kale is also related to cabbages and collards; this much I had figured out on my own. Kale has amazing health benefits all genders and should not be brushed aside so quickly. If a mere vegetable has been able to survive for over 2,000 years, maybe we should be more open and give it a chance. If you like broccoli, you will most likely like kale.

If anyone has any additiona kale recipes that they think would be great to add to the site please feel free to send them to us and we will get them posted! Hope to see you all out at the Carolina Beach Farmer’s Market on Saturday.

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