How do order and I get my items from The Veggie Wagon?

Here is how The Veggie Wagon pick ups works. Simply order online, or give us a call to place your order. Orders need to be received no later than 12pm Wednesday for pick up in the same week. Orders may be  picked up on Fridays between 4-7 pm,  at our store which is located at 608 S. Lake Park Blvd in Carolina Beach, NC. For the out of towners, we are able to ship any non-perishable item to any address throughout the United States via UPS and USPS.

How do memberships and orders work?

The Veggie Wagon offers many pick-up options for our customers, we offer three pre-selected basket sizes and a create your own basket feature. The first option is to order a nine week subscription to the location of your choice. With this subscription option you will receive a farm fresh basket each week available for pick-up for 9 consecutive weeks. The second option is to have a one-time pick-up.  Pre-selected baskets can be ordered in small basket or large basket sizes. The small basket will feed 2-3 people and the large basket is ample for 4-6. You are more than welcome to add additional items to your baskets, which can be found on our site. The third option is a create you own basket by ordering products from our website. There is a $30.00 minimum order for the create your own basket option for local  pickup. All orders placed can be picked up at 608 S. Lake Park Blvd in Carolina Beach, NC on Fridays from 4-7pm. All orders do require payment in full at the time of order, unless prior arrangements are made. Out of town customers can order any non-perishable item for delivery in the United States via UPS or USPS, no minimum required. No refunds will be issued on shipped items.

I live outside of your delivery area. Can I still make an order?

Yes you can. You are more than welcome to order any item that is non-perishable for our standard delivery. We use UPS and USPS for shipments. If you are interested in ordering cheeses, produce, or other perishable items you will need to call or email for a custom quote as your box will need to be overnighted. When calling or sending an email please be prepared to supply us with the order, shipping address, and when you would like it delivered. We will be happy to get your quote together and contact you with details. Your order will not be processed until you give us the OK to do so. No refunds will be issued on shipped orders.

What is in the weekly basket?

It can be your choice. You can either make your own basket for pick-up ($30.00 minimum) or you can pic-up  a farm fresh CSA basket. The CSA basket is what we have picked out of the week based on what is coming from the local farms and also what is the best looking for that particular week. Each week the basket will change contents, but always the freshest and local.

When and where can Veggie Wagon orders be picked up?

Orders are picked up on Friday between 4-7pm at our store located at 608 S. Lake Park Blvd in Carolina Beach. Produce is picked from the farm the morning of delivery so orders need to be placed two days before delivery. Any order received after 12pm on Wednesday will be schedule for pick up the following week, unless other arrangements are made.

Can I add specialty items to my weekly CSA basket?

Sure. The Veggie Wagon offers a wide variety of additional items that you may add to your weekly pick-up that will only enhance your basket. If you decide to add some of these specialty items to your CSA basket simply continue to shop our store after adding your choice of the CSA basket to your cart. If you have already paid for your 9 week subscription and would like to add additional items to one of your weekly pick-up, please just put the items you are interested in having in your cart and checkout. Your additional items will be added for the week you ordered them only.  By default, if the total of your of additional items is below $26.94 shipping of $7.95 will be added. To get rid of the shipping charge simply enter “additional” in the area for coupon codes at checkout and the shipping charge will be deleted. If your additional order is over $26.95 the shipping charge will automatically be deleted and no coupon code is needed. Please feel free to contact us is you have any questions about this feature.

How do I postpone a week of my subscription?

All you need to do is contact us via email at april@theveggiewagon.com at least 3 days prior to pick-up of your order and we will postpone our order for that upcoming week. Unless otherwise stated pick- ups will resume as scheduled for the following week. If you postpone the pick-up of your standing weekly order, you will be issued a store credit, valued at the price of your standing order would have been, that can be applied to any variety of our specialty items found on our site. For example, if your weekly basket is valued at $25.00, then you will receive a store credit for $25.00 which can be used to purchase items ranging from seasonal fruits and veggies to locally harvested honey and homemade jams. If there is still time left in the growing season we can always just tack an additional pick-up week on to your subscription for the week you skipped.