Non-Organic Mini Basket

Please read our FAQ’s Page and check our Local Delivery Area before making your order.

Our baskets are available for in store pick or delivery in our delivery area. If you have any questions please feel free to call us anytime at 910-805-3014. Along with your basket please browse our other items that you can add to your pick up or delivery. Store pick-ups are always available on Fridays from 2-7pm. Our store is located at 608 S. Lake Park Blvd. in Carolina Beach, NC. Deliveries are on Thursdays.

The Veggie Wagon’s mini-box is a great choice for one to two people who are looking to get fresh, local produce. This basket is a smaller version of our other baskets, but only contains smaller amounts of your basic veggies and possibly some fruits when available. Baskets are available year round.

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