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Local Wilmington Honey Lovers Basket

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The Veggie Wagon’s Local Wilmington Honey Lovers Basket is for all of you out there that cannot get enough honey. Did you know that the average worker bee produces about 1/12th teaspoon of honey in her lifetime. We have included some of our favorite Veggie Wagon items in this basket that all have local honey as the main ingredient. In this basket you will find 4 of our signature granola bars, a bottle of local, raw Wilmington honey, a wooden honey dipper, a jar of  The Veggie Wagon’s signature Bread and Butter Pickles(only found in our store and are made using only honey as the sweetener), and a jar of our all natural Honey Habanero Hot Sauce(made using organic, unsulphited apricots and local honey). This basket is one you don’t want to pass up on!