Veggie Wagon's Pickle Basket

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The Veggie Wagon’s Pickle gift basket is for all you pickle fanatics and vinegar lovers who are looking to try something a little less traditional. We have worked tirelessly on creating some of the most delicious pickles in the South! In this basket you will find our staff favorites which include our spicy Jamaican Jerk Pickles, which are delicious in egg salads, tuna salads, potato salads and even in your Bloody Mary. The White Balsamic Ginger Pickles are one of my favorites and offer just a bit of spicy kick, from the fresh ginger. The Zucchini Pickles are another favorite, due to uniqueness, higher vinegar content, crunchiness and general versatility that they offer. Pickle varieties may vary from the ones pictured depending on product availability. In addition to our pickles, you will find both of  The Veggie Wagon’s very own pickling spices that you can experiment with in your very own kitchen!

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